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Product Category
 Line Roller
 No power roller series
   Galvanized drum
   Stainless steel drum
   Heavy-duty roller
   Dust-proof plastic cover drum
   PVC roller
 Power roller (sprocket)
   Power roller
   Plastic steel sprocket drum
   Piled and released type roller
   Pressure trough roller
 Electric drum
   The Φ50 miniature electric drum
   The Φ60 miniature electric drum
   The Φ76 electric roller
   The Φ113 electric roller
   The Φ130 electric drum
   The Φ165 electric drum
 Tapered roller
   Unpowered tapered roller
   Sprocket tapered roller
   Piled and released type tapered roller
   Stainless steel tapered roller
 Plastic bag, drum
   Package PU (polyurethane) plastic drum
   Rubber-coated roller
 Conveyor Parts
   Lai Fu wheel
   PVC conveyor
   Cup feet
   Universal ball
 The capstan belt conveyor passive round
 Power transmission line
Sales Manager
Job Title: Sales Manager Location: Chengdu
Number: 5 Salary: ¥ 3000
1 year experience in software development practice, familiar NET framework and c # programming
2 large SQL server database application development practical experience
3, graduated from junior college education, computer science or related, have a good command of English, with a strong team spirit and sense of responsibility, hard work
4, strong self-discovery solving skills and the ability to solve problems
5, excellent learning and communication ability
Please right conditions, in the candidate process works accordingly。
Pipeline roller tapered roller electric drum unpowered roller the package plastic drum sprocket roller belt conveyor roller stainless steel drum power roller power drum line
Telephone: 020-62928051, 020-62928052
Fax: 020-66622741
Mobile phone:13434193183
Contact: Miss Liao
Mobile phone: 13711498818
Contact person: Mr. Li
QQ:1422876796 (business)
1352258825 (Technology)
Address: Baiyun District of Guangzhou City 
Zhong Luo Tan Zhen Jin pen Cun Yong Fu Lu 
Yong Fu Industrial Zone No. 33
Web site:
Technical Support: 
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